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Rice Exports:
Our team has excellent pedigree in rice trade out of Vietnam, Thailand and India, having been involved with rice exports for the past 18 years. The team has a deep understanding of the workings of the rice industry, its seasonal patterns, destination market preferences, etc, which has enabled Ceres to make headway in developing its global rice trade volumes rapidly.
The focus on transparency, commitment to shipping the best quality and close attention to packing and execution and documentation has helped Ceres build an excellent standing and clients over the years.
In a rapidly changing market environment, we are committed to our performance, and work closely with our clients to find the best possible fit for the origin, quality, pricing and arrival period they desire, with a clear goal of ensuring that out clients are in a position to take advantage of market movements for maximizing profits.


We are active in the trade of Indian, Australian, Black Sea, South American and US origin wheat together with our associate companies, in the South East Asian markets, with possibilities to ship in quantities ranging from containers lots to panamax size cargoes.


We are active in trade of containerized sugar of various grades from Thailand, India, and Brazil in the African markets. Our long association with the various origins and strengths on logistics enables us to meet our clients requirements on quality, cargo size, and cargo arrival period at destination.

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